Vicky SyCip Herrera Filipino Scholarship Foundation

ISM Scholarship Video March

Continuing a tradition of Integrity, Service, and Merit through our 100th year and onwards! Purchase your tickets today in support of the Vicky SyCip Herrera (VSH) Foundation for the benefit of Filipino Scholars attending ISM. Early bird tickets on sale until July 31 only.

Honoring Vicky SyCip Herrera '68: Teacher, Guidance Counselor, Mentor, Friend

In commemoration of Vicky's service to the ISM Community, the Vicky SyCip Herrera Scholarship fund was established in her honor. This program seeks to fund local national students of exceptional ability but whose parents lack the financial capacity to fund an education at IS Manila. Presently, the school supports four Scholars in each Grade from 8 to 12, with Vicky's Scholar as the fifth. Since 1967, our Filipino Scholarship Program has changed the lives of over 150 students - and often the lives of their families as well.

We ask each of you to make a pledge to this cause such that we can establish an endowment fund large enough to provide for the continuing tuition of all the VSH Scholars as well as the continuing education of the Filipino Scholars in sports, academic competitions and the like.

Recognition Levels

Summa Cum Laude: $7,500 and above

Magna Cum Laude: $4,000 - $7,499

Cum Laude: $2,500 - $3,999

Honor Roll: $1,000 - $2,499

Educators: $500 - $999

Friends: $100 - $499

Contributors: $1-99

How to Donate

There are multiple ways to donate:

For USD checks, donations made payable to: International School in Manila Foundation. Please mail to:

International School Services, Inc.,

15 Roszel Road, Princeton, New Jersey 08540

ATTN: Carrie Meola

For local payments, please visit us on campus or send your checks made payable to:

International School Manila, Inc.

University Parkway, Fort Bonifacio,

Taguig, Metro Manila

ATTN: Maica Cruz

For bank deposits, please contact for bank details.

For Paypal transactions, please click the button below.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the people who have donated to the Vicky SyCip Herrera Scholarship. Gifts of all amounts are greatly appreciated and demonstrate the community support of the School.